About us

Welcome to BestSoundproof!

I´m Martin Kristoffersson, and I grew up helping my father in his carpentry- and handyman company. I have always known that I am more sensitive to light and sounds than most people so I started working a lot with soundproofing the places where I lived ever since I moved into my first student apartment more than 10 years ago.

I have always needed to have a completely dark and quiet room when sleeping which is not easy to fix when living in a student dorm. I tried using every trick in the book and the knowledge that I have gathered over the years helping my dad. After a month of work, my student room looked more like a music studio than a dorm room. Needless to say, I learned a thing or two about how to soundproof your apartment.

I started my career in HR because I like to organize things and work with people. The career opportunities for a fresh out of college graduate was really bad in the HR sector (in Sweden where I live) so I had to take a lot of jobs on the side and move around a lot. This means that I had to find cheap and practical ways to soundproof the places where I lived until got a stable job and could buy my first apartment.

A lot of the times, I could not find any guides and it required a lot of experimenting to get all the sound isolation just right. Now that I have bought my own apartment and have a better salary, I have spent a lot of time and effort into using better materials to be able to make my apartment as quiet as possible.

After working a couple of years in HR, started to become really bored and needed something more challenging to do. So I decided to switch careers and work in E-Commerce Management. As a part of my learning process of getting to know how to market myself and how to write engaging content, I decided to start a blog.

And just most people in the world, I thought to myself “what in the world would I write about that people would actually want to read???”

I asked my friends what they thought I was good at and one of them said “How about you write about keeping things quiet? You never shut up about it anyway.” with a smile. Although it was meant as a joke, it got me thinking. I actually do know a lot about this subject and I could make life easier for people like me who needs sensory deprivation (less sound or light in order to function normally).

This blog is not meant to be an experts handbook as much as it aims to help you see what problems you can avoid while trying to reduce noise pollution (traffic sounds, loud neighbours and loud noises from the outside.)

I hope to guide you to a quieter way of living with tips and a lot of how-to articles. I try to fill this website with as much relevant and up to date information as I can and update all the articles once per year in order to make sure that all the links to products and tips are up to date.


Oh and one more thing. I´m sorry about the ads, I know how annoying they can be and I hope that they are not too disturbing. The ads are what keeps this website running and would of course not mind if you use an ad-blocker. I have monetized this website through affiliate links to Amazon and several other websites that offer soundproofing tools and materials, most of which I have used myself. I only recommend tools that I know how to use and products that have a 4.5+ rating.

If you have any questions regarding soundproofing materials or recommendations, you are always welcome to email me on my email: Martin.Kristoffersson@hotmail.com. Please don´t send spam though. I used to put my phone number on this website as I really want to help people but it resulted in a lot of robot-calls so I can unfortunately not do that any more. Please mark the subject line as “Soundproofing advice” and promise that I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope that this blog finds you well.

Kind regards