11 Best Ways to Soundproof a Window

The windows are one of the main sources of noise leaks. In fact, if you can’t sleep due to a noise coming from outside chances are that windows are the ones to blame. Luckily, the solution is very simple – all you should do is just learn how to soundproof a window and do exactly there. Here you will find 11 best ways for soundproofing your window.

How to soundproof a window

Either it’s the aircraft flying above you or the road traffic flowing around you; those displeasing sounds coming from that window are great trouble for your peaceful moments.

But not to worry anymore when these I have listed 11 best ways for soundproofing a window and all of them I have learned while working with my dad on his home soundproofing projects since I was a child.

Before I even start I would like to mention that it is always the best to use a combination of more than just one way to soundproof a window as that way it would be more efficient.

Now let’s discuss them one by one in detail to have a better understanding of the process of soundproofing a window.

Sealing the Gaps

Sealing the gaps of a window

How do I reduce outside noise from my windows?

Whenever this question arises in your mind, then the first thing to look for in the window is GAPS!

The reason for doing so is, during the installation of windows, many gaps are left unfilled.

These minute gaps become a headache for you later, when you observe them be the primary reason for passing the unwanted sound from outside.

So, here’s the solution. You can use different materials to block them. For example:

  • Expandable foam
  • Conventional Caulk
  • Acoustic Sealant

You will find most of the gaps at the corners. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that all the holes are sealed.

So, apply any of these materials to block the sound coming from outside.

If you take expandable foam first, then no doubt, this material will produce good sound dampening results. But the problem is that the look that this foam creates is not very aesthetic. However, it is indeed very effective and if the aesthetics of your windows is not something you care for then take a look at this one here on Amazon.

On the other hand, conventional caulks are prone to crack and gaps in the long run. These chaulks will not only help you reduce the sound coming from those gaps, but will prevent draft and other similar problems. If you prefer using this option then you can purchase one here on Amazon. Keep in mind that these caulks can be used only if you have a caulking gun that you can also find here on Amazon.

Similarly, acoustic sealants tend to be the best solution for soundproofing so far. These sealants are more like the caulks, but when it comes to soundproofing a window, they are comparatively much better in blocking the sound. You can have a look at them here on Amazon.

NOTE: Another reason for using the caulks and sealants for sound-blocking is that they are long-lasting and durable. However, foams are not that durable.

Quilted Fiberglass Panels

Quilted fiberglass panels

This is a DIY method to soundproof a window. Hanging these panels in front of your window may seem unusual, but this is one of the effective ways of sound-deadening.

How do these quilted fiberglass panels help in soundproofing a window?

It pretty simple to soundproof a window with the quilted fiberglass panels. You just have to remember the basic rule of soundproofing; Thicker and denser the material, the best it is.

So, being thicker as well as denser, this fiberglass quilt plays a very remarkable role in sound-dampening.

Now you would be wondering if the installation of these panels requires any professional service or not? Well, the answer is simply NO!

You can install them by yourself very easily. All you need to have are the following products that you can find on Amazon:

Once you purchased all of those things, you should just do the following three super-simple steps:

  1. Attach the hook with the fiberglass panel.
  2. Hang it along with the window frame.
  3. Attach the double-sided tape around the panel edges.

And there you go. It’s done! Did you notice how easy the process is?

On the other hand, if this is not something you can do then you can easily get these panels online. Moreover, they are available in many different sizes and lengths.

Or, you can order one with a custom length to fit your window frame. Now you can easily soundproof a window with these quilted fiberglass panels!

Enjoy the sip of a morning coffee without being distracted by the traffic noises in that rush hour.

Double Glazing

double glazing to soundproof a window

Double glazing your windows is one of the most effective and quickest means for the sound cut.

However, you would be wondering about the following question:

What is double glazing?

Double glazing refers to inserting the double glass in your window panes.

How does double glazing help to soundproof a window?

Double glazing of the window creates a space or vacuum between the two glass of the pane. Due to this space, soundproofing becomes quite effective.

Another thing to keep in mind while doing double glazing is to insert two glass of different thicknesses. As a result, this difference in the thickness of glass reduces the impact of sound waves when they travel through them.

While choosing glass for double glazing, keep it in mind to have laminated glass. This will not only give better results of soundproofing but also bring the insulating properties in the glass.

So, here comes the good part. You don’t need to replace your window for double glazing. Consequently, it makes the process of soundproofing effective and efficient.

Triple Glazing

triple glazing to soundproof a window

The process of triple glazing is almost similar to that of double glazing. The only difference is the number of glasses you insert.

Triple glazing refers to inserting the three or triple glass in your window panes.

While you choose triple glazing for soundproofing your window, always remember to use the central glass, which has a different thickness than the other two. Hence, you will get better sound dampening as well as insulation.

Another thing that makes the triple glazing effective is the krypton gas, which exists between the glass. This gas also helps in producing the dampening effect on sound waves. 

However, you should focus more on the gaps between the glass. The reason for doing is that the extra layers of glass are of no use for soundproofing until they have ample space between them.

So, triple glazing results in 20% more sound insulation than the double glazing of windows. Thus, providing you with a better quality of sound reduction and keeping the exterior noises from teaching the room you’re in.

Types of Glass

Laminated glass for soundproofing of a window

Which glass is best for soundproofing?

This question always arises when you search for soundproofing solutions. The simple answer to this question is “Laminated Glass.”

Nowadays, people use tempered glass in the majority of their units, but tempered glass doesn’t have sound dampening properties.

However, laminated glass provides you with a better sound reduction due to its structure. It comprises of two glass sandwiched together with a special resin interlayer.

Not only this interlayer deadens the sound from outside, but it also makes the glass more durable.

Laminated glass is far more effective at soundproofing a window than standard glass because sound waves have more difficulty in traveling through the sandwiched glass sheets and the interlayer.

Let me introduce you to another terminology related to soundproof glass. Its called acoustic glass.

Acoustic glass is a type of laminated glass which has acoustic resin layered between the two sheets of the glass instead of just having a simple plastic sheet.

This type of laminated glass is the best material to soundproof a window so far. Thus, allowing you to sleep well at night in pure silence.

How thick should be the glass?

The ideal width of soundproofing glass can be 4mm or 6mm.

Moreover, the thickness of glass matters more than adding extra layers of glass sheets.

For best results, use the laminated glass while double glazing your windows.

Best Window Materials to Use When Soundproofing a Window

Choosing the right window material is one of the critical steps to consider before starting the construction.

Most of the people don’t pay attention to the fact that the window material plays a vital role in soundproofing.

One offhand decision can result in peace distraction, and you will regret it all the time. So, I would advise you to choose the material for your window carefully.

We have three types of material commonly used in the construction of the windows:

  1. UPVC (Unplasticised Poly Vinyl chloride)
  2. Aluminum
  3. Wood

So, let’s have a side by side comparison of all the three materials to get a better understanding.




Poorly engineered for soundproofing. Poor installation results in sound leakage Fusion welding avoids sound leakages
Poorly sealed for sound insulation Poorly sealed for sound insulation Double sealed makes it excellent for sound insulation
Low density due to porous structure Lightweight makes it less dense Denser than wood and aluminum
Gaps in the corners offer more sound from outside The mechanically joint corners give poor sound insulation Multi-chamber sealed cavities offer excellent sound insulation

Which material is best for constructing a soundproof window?

We have seen that UPVC has the highest score among all in soundproofing a window.

Therefore, it is quite clear now that UPVC windows are the best solution if you are looking for sound dampening material.

If you want the best results, then install the UPVC windows along with double or triple glazed panes and enjoy the peaceful moments.

Furthermore, always hire a professional to install the windows in your building to avoid sound leakages.

If you want to learn more on this topic then check out this video:

Soundproof a Window With Polycarbonate (PC sheets) 

polycarbonate sheets for soundproofing

PC sheets are beautiful transparent layers you can use to soundproof a window. You can get these stunning sheets in different colors and textures to make a sound-reducing barrier.

How PC sheets can be used for soundproofing?

The PC sheet has an undeniable sound insulation impact. In addition, it has preferable acoustic insulation over glass and acrylic sheets of a similar thickness.

Under the same thickness, the sound insulation of the PC sheet is much higher than that of glass.

Due to this fantastic property, it serves as a noise barrier for the unwanted sounds coming through your window.

Want to install PC sheets? Sure, no problem. The process is very straightforward.

All you need to have:

  • A PC sheet having size according to your window – find it here on Amazon
  • Magnet tape stripes

Attach the magnet tape stripes on the edges of the window. This will give you the attachment areas.

Then, you need to fit the sheet inside the edge frame of your window. However, you can also attach it over the face of the frame.

But I recommend installing them over the entire wall opening because it will take a little more dead air space. Moreover, it will make this window work well.

And there you go, with a beautiful PC sheet attached to soundproof a window.

Soundproof a Window With Sound-deadening Curtains

soundproof curtains to soundproof gaming room windows
Photo credit: snoringsource.com

What are soundproof curtains and how do they work?

Soundproofing curtains or we can say sound-deadening curtains can help you reduce the eco in the room.

However, this might not result in the complete elimination of those annoying sounds, but somehow it makes your room feel quieter.

The properties due to which these curtains have a noise dampening effect are:

  • Its Length; usually from ceiling to floor.
  • Stuff is polyester, velvet, or anything made with extra fibers.
  • They are tightly woven.

Apart from this, these soundproof curtains are inexpensive and are also easy to hang. Hence, you can effortlessly install these sound-dampening curtains at your home, office, or shop.

These acoustic curtains are no doubt a good option for reducing the vibrations inside the room, but you can also modify them to obtain higher results.

The modifications may include:

  • Extra fibers
  • Acoustical vinyl
  • Thermal insulation layers

Like soundproofing curtains, these modifications are also cost-effective and easy to insert.

Do soundproofing curtains really work?

Yes, soundproofing curtains help you in reducing the echoing of sound as well as keeping a warm environment inside the room.

You can also witness the soundproofing of these curtains while you play some music on the mobile phone or any other device.

You will notice that due to these sound-deadening curtains, there is no unpleasant echoing of the music.

Although they don’t provide a permanent solution for the noise coming from outside but help reduce the exterior sounds like:

  • Regular traffic
  • Footsteps
  • Bad weather
  • Annoying honks

As a result, you can get a bit of relief regarding the effort of reducing the external sounds.

If you need to know more about the price and installation of soundproof curtains then click here.

However, before anything else make sure to order them here on Amazon.

Exterior Barriers (Storm Windows)

Exterior barriers storm windows

While PC sheets are inserted on the inner side of your room, the storm windows serve as the external barriers for soundproofing.

These storm windows tend to provide you with better sound insulation as well as thermal insulation. Along with these, they also give a beautiful appearance to your windows.

How can I soundproof a window with exterior barriers?

If you want to soundproof a window with these barriers, then you should have a glass or acrylic sheet such as this one on Amazon and strong studs or magnets to install them.

All you have to do is simply attach the studs on the glass or acrylic sheet. Then cover the whole of the window from outside with them.

Make sure to attach the weather strips on the edges to avoid any kind of sound leakage from them. If you don’t have them, then you can check out this Amazon listing.

Furthermore, use the acrylic sheets instead of the glass, to make it more effective in sound-dampening.

This is a DIY method, which is quite affordable and easy to work upon.

Sound-deadening blinds

sound deadening blinds

Can sound-deadening blinds block the entire sound coming from a window?

Sound-deadening blinds can be beneficial in reducing the echo in your room. However, they might not be a perfect solution for soundproofing but, reducing the echo can be a relief.

The sound dampening properties of the blind depend upon the material it is made of.

Generally, you would be dealing with various fabrics, from polyester to cotton, as well as wood and even paper.

But in my view, you should look for the thickest-looking material of the bunch.

So, when you begin searching for the soundproof blinds, you are most likely to find cellular shades first. They resemble a chain of honeycomb cells.

The primary purpose of cells is to allow the shades to collapse as you open them. They are different from regular blinds because you cannot tilt the slats to let the light in. They are either up or down.

However, the pockets of air inside the cells make these blinds effective at noise regulation.

Therefore, they are quite potent to insulate your windows from the echoing sound. Some of the best honeycomb cell blinds can reduce transfer by over 40%.

If this is something you were looking for then go ahead and order them on Amazon.

Block the entire window

Last but not least – blocking the entire window with some opaque material is the ultimate solution to soundproof a window.

But before making this decision, you should think twice because it’s similar to having no window in your room unless it’s the only window you have.

Blocking a window can be a permanent relief from those unwanted sounds. Either they are coming from the loud neighbor, or some busy road aside your house.

But for this, you would have to sacrifice your sunlight, fresh air, and the views, of course.

However, if blocking the entire window is the only solution left, then follow these steps to get it done:

  1. Cover the window with an opaque material, from all the edges.
  2. You can use solid-core wood or cardboard.
  3. Make sure to seal the edges with any caulk or sealant.
  4. Apply the wallpaper or paint on that filled cavity, if it feels necessary to you.

Blocking the entire window may disturb the ambiance of your room. So, try to look for some other method to soundproof a window if you don’t want to spoil your moments of beautiful sunsets and dazzling mornings.

How much does it cost to soundproof a window?

Hiring a consultant may cost you around $1000. And that’s just the fee they are going to charge you. However, you can purchase your material and DIY at a much reasonable cost.

First of all, we’ll take the Acoustic sealants. They are one the cheapest and most effective ways to soundproof a window. They are so much affordable that you can get a pack of 6 sealants just in $75 by clicking here.

Now let’s come to the quilted fiberglass panels. They would cost you around $300

If you want to change your window glass to laminated glass, then this might cost you between $10 and $20 per square feet.

The process of double and triple glazing can cost you from $350 to $450. This price may seem more to you, but this will give you some of the best results of sound dampening a window.

You can even get ready-made UPVC soundproof windows if you don’t want to spend more time in doing it yourself.

The UPVC windows can be:

  • Low-cost: around $300
  • Mid-cost: between $500 to $700
  • High range: between $700 to $1500

When it comes to Polycarbonate sheets, then its price usually depends upon the thickness of the sheet. For example, if it’s 1mm thick, then it would cost you around $2 per square feet. But if you choose 3mm, then the price would be $4 or $5.

However, sound-deadening curtains may cost you around $40 to $85, depending upon the quality and company.

Acoustic or sound-deadening blinds are sold in square meters. And its price per square meter can also fluctuate between $10 and $30.

Final Thoughts 

So far, we have seen some of the best ways to soundproof a window. These can be very helpful in providing you with a peaceful environment where you can work and sleep well.

Some processes are very cheap if you take the sealants and PC sheets, for instance. While others are quite expensive, for example, double glazing.

But, it all depends on how much noise you are dealing with and how big your budget is.

From my point of view, peace of mind is the most valuable thing that we all need. And if these soundproofing techniques are providing you with some peace and a good time at home, then there is no such thing as “too expensive.”

So grab your tools and get ready to tackle those unwanted sounds with these cool ideas of soundproofing a window.

In case of soundproofing your windows don’t work out; then you should go for other areas in your house. If you decide to do that, check out my guide about soundproofing an apartment. Good luck!

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