Cost To Soundproof A Room – Best Cost Comparison (2020)

There are different strategies for soundproofing, each with its related expenses. However, everyone wants to have a general idea of how much it would cost to soundproof a room.                         

So, in this guide, we will be discussing a variety of ways you can soundproof a room and the associated costs, so you can decide the strategy that is within your financial reach.

cost to soundproof a room

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Room?

Soundproofing a room costs between $1000 to $2500 having dimensions of 14 x 20 ft. This is an average rate nationwide. However, the cost to soundproof a room can vary depending upon what type of materials you use, and whether you are hiring a professional or you do it yourself.

Soundproofing is the most ideal approach to prevent sounds from the outside and keeping up privacy inside a room.

The expense to soundproof one room, by and large, incorporates:

  • $250 to $500 for new materials
  • $300 to $550 for professional fees
  • $100 to $300 for the tools expected to finish the activity.

However, the costs will be higher for bigger rooms. These quotes do exclude the expense of removing existing protection or altering any current structures or surfaces.

Moreover, the cost of soundproofing depends upon what kind of structure you are attempting to soundproof.

It is unlikely that a person will go for the complete soundproofing of a room. So, in that case, we have discussed every part of the room separately along with the costs.

Here comes the first one.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Ceiling?

soundproof a ceiling

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Soundproofing a ceiling may cost you around $850, having dimensions of 14 x 20 ft. This cost depends upon the type of material you use and how much work is required to soundproof a ceiling from those unwanted sounds.

The above-mentioned figure is the estimated sum which includes the cost of:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Tools

Material cost

For a better understanding of the cost of materials, consider the grid below.

Material For Soundproofing a Ceiling


Fiberglass $70 for a pack of 12
Foam Panels $20 for a pack of 12
Mass loaded Vinyl  $1.5/sq m
Acoustic Caulk $15 per tube
Resilient sound clips $6 each

The cost of these materials will depend on how much area does your ceiling cover. Besides, the above-mentioned prices are an estimation for a 14 x 20 ft room.

These materials are quite affordable and you can easily purchase them from a hardware store nearby.

Moreover, it may seem quite confusing while choosing a material that muffles the sound according to your requirements.

In order to clear up this confusion, follow my recommendations on buying bulky materials like mass loaded vinyl to get better sound dampening effects.

You can easily find one on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price.

Installation cost

While you may be able to dampen the sound of your ceiling by yourself in smaller projects like hanging the curtains. But, for larger projects, you have to hire a professional or any labor.

Moreover, it will cost you more if you go for hiring a contractor, because they charge a handsome amount for the services one gets from them.

The installation costs include:

  • Labor: $15 to $20 per hour
  • Contractor: $40 to $50 per hour

So, now you have figured out the estimated cost to soundproof a ceiling. For learning more about the complete process of soundproofing a ceiling, click here to read a comprehensive article on it.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Window?


The estimated cost to soundproof a window is between $300 and $500 having the dimensions of 4 x 2.5 ft. The materials that you can use to soundproof a window are much cheaper and easy to install.

Moreover, the process of sound-dampening is quite easy when it comes to windows, and doesn’t require any special skills. So, you can save up to $200 by doing it yourself by avoiding the installation costs.

Material cost

Material For Soundproofing a Windows


Weatherstripping $20
Window Plug $45  (6 x 3 ft)
Soundproof Curtains $30 to $50
Double Pane Glass Window $350 to $500 per window
Laminated acoustic glass for windows $15 /sq m

The cost to soundproof a window seems to be fair because these sound-dampening materials result in almost 95% of soundproofing.

Moreover, in some cases, the cost of soundproofing a window doesn’t even reach up to $100. The reason for that is, it only requires you to fill small gaps around the frame and edges of the window with the caulks, to suppress those sounds coming from outside.

On the contrary, you may need to install laminated glass or change the whole window along with its panes, for completely dampening the noise. Thus, charging you around $400 on the whole process of soundproof a window.

However, the most effective way of soundproofing a window is through double glazing. In addition, the cost to soundproof a window through double glazing is around $200, which is much cheaper than the laminated glass.

Installation cost

Windows are one of the common functional areas when it comes to soundproofing. Many people do it themselves but some prefer to hire a professional.

Moreover, it may cost you around $40 per hour for hiring a contractor. This cost will be even higher when you have to soundproof more than a single window in your building.

However, in my point of view, you should go for doing it yourself as the process of soundproofing a window is very easy, unless it doesn’t require you to completely remove the window.

Follow this link to find out more about soundproofing a window with different methods and techniques.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Door?

cost to soundproof a door

Cost to soundproof a door depends on size of door as well as the material it is made up of. The price of soundproofing a door is usually between $200 and $400 having standard dimensions of 6.5 x 2.5 ft.

However, the cost to soundproof a door will vary a lot according to the type of your door. For instance, let’s assume that if you have an Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC )door, it may not cost you more to soundproof a UPVC door as compared to a wooden door.

The reason for this price change is that you don’t need to purchase additional materials like caulks and double glazed glass for a UPVC door. But, these materials tend to be additional costs for other doors.

Besides, if you want to purchase an prefabricated soundproof door then it may cost you above $600.

Material cost

Material for Soundproofing a Door


Fiberglass Panels $70 for a pack of 12
Blanket $50 (6 x 5.5 ft)
Foam Panels $25 for a pack of 12
Weatherstripping $20
Door Sweep $10 /piece

These are the estimates for a conventional interior doors having size of 6.5 x 2.5 ft.

The grid drawn above lists the common methods of soundproofing a door. These materials helps a user to soundproof a door from unpleasant noises up to 90%

However, you need to make a combination of different materials, for achieving the best results in reducing the sound passing through.

I recommend the combination of mass loaded vinyl along with a door sweep at the bottom, and weatherstripping on the sides of your door.

Installation cost

The cost to soundproof a door with the help of a skilled labor can vary between $80 to $100 per door.

Some portions of the door don’t require you to hire a contractor for soundproofing it, for example caulking the holes in the door.

However, it may be necessary to hire a professional while focusing on some areas, like glass in the door. Of course, you won’t go for the process of double glazing by yourself.

In the end, it stills depends on how bad the condition of your door is. So, I will recommend you have a look at my other article about soundproofing a door, for a better understating of your needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Wall?

cost to soundproof a floor

The cost to soundproof a single wall usually includes:

  • $4oo to $600 for materials
  • $80 to $100 for the installation to complete the task.

Standard dimension for such wall is 8 x 12 ft.

Even though the costs will be higher for soundproofing walls inside bigger rooms and higher performing soundproofing frameworks.

The above quotes for walls soundproofing arrangements do exclude any expenses for altering any current structures or surfaces.

Material cost

Material for Soundproofing a Wall


Soundproof Drywall $40 per sheet
Mass Loaded Vinyl $1.5/ sq m
Regular Drywall $400 (12 x 12 ft)
Foam Insulation $2/ sq m
Fiberglass Panels $70 for a pack of 12
Foam Panels $20 for a pack of 12
Acoustic Tiles $10 per tile

The cost to soundproofing wall materials relies on the kind of soundproofing materials utilized. However, it is commonly estimated in terms of:

  • Number of pieces of any material. For example Fiberglass panels.
  • Dimensions of materials you use.
  • Size of your wall.

For instance, some pieces might be sold by the roll or by the sheet. The expense of work is commonly determined every day, however there might be an essential base.

I usually recommend to go for simpler sound-dampening structures like the acoustic foam panels. They are easy to install and are inexpensive too. Moreover, they can reduce the echoing in your room up to 99%.

Installation cost

Installation cost to soundproof depends totally on the hourly wage rate of the contractor or labor you hire. However, most of the professionals charge $40 to $50 per hour for these kinds of jobs.

When it comes to hanging simple foam and fiberglass panels for soundproofing, then you can easily do it by yourself.

But, for installation of complex structures like an additional layer of drywall, may require you to hire a professional to complete the job.

I am sure you’ve got enough information about the cost to soundproof a wall, but if you still want to learn more about it then click here to read a detailed article from

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Floor?

cost to soundproof a floor

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Cost to soundproof a floor is around $150 to $300 having dimensions of 14 x 20 ft. This cost is lower when compared to other parts of the room. The reason for this is, most of the floors only require you to place a sound-dampening rug or mat.

There is no precise way of soundproofing a floor. However, some noise-reducing glue compounds may require you to hire some professional to execute the task of soundproofing.

Apart from all this, people do ask if soundproofing a floor works or not?

So, the suitable comment over here will be that the floors are not meant to be soundproofed, instead we use sound-dampening materials on the floor to reduce the echo in the room.

Let’s discuss the materials which can help you dampen the sound passing above the floor.

Material cost

Material for Soundproofing a Floor


Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat


$0.75 /sq m


Laminate flooring underlay


$0.30 – $0.45 /sq m


Grip Rug Pad


$15 – $30 per rug


Green Glue Compound $192 per case


You can easily find these materials on the Amazon by clicking here.

These materials are meant to be placed on the existing floor for reducing the echoing effect in your room.

Another possible solution is the carpeting. It absorbs sound, and can enhance the look of the room. Cost of a carpeting a single 14 x 20 ft room can cost you up to $800.

However, you can also opt for not installing a wooden floor at the time of constructing a building.

The reason for doing so is quite obvious, because the wooden floor is the major culprits of passing the echo in the room.

So, dampen the sound by adding extra underlay on your floor along with a thick rug on it.

Installation cost

When it comes to installation costs of soundproofing a floor, then the major expense you will witness is the labor cost or the professional fees.

A streamline contractor usually allows you to have your floor soundproofed within the price range of $500 to $700.

This bill may seem inconvenient at first glance, but it’s not just the labor cost. The package includes:

  • Material cost
  • Labor wages
  • Installation cost
  • Cleaning and finishing expenses

So, with this all-in-one deal, you don’t have to worry about buying materials for your floor or doing any sort of renovations by yourself.

Does soundproofing a room work?

does it work?

Soundproofing depends on two things to work efficiently, which are:

  • Nature of sound
  • Material used to reduce the sound

To understand these points, you need to learn them in detail.

Nature of sound

Sound can travel into or outside your room through two types of mediums:

1. Air

Airborne sounds

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When a sound uses the air as a medium to travel then its called an airborne sound. These types of sounds are hard to resist because they are everywhere.

To soundproof your room from airborne sounds, you need to block its way. For instance, a sound that comes from the windows is airborne. So, you can only reduce those sounds by blocking its way through the window.

Moreover, dealing with the airborne noises includes dampening and adding mass to your structures. You can easily do this by removing the gaps in the window frame and walls. Also, this lack of insulation can be solved by completely blocking the way for those unwanted noises.

As far as cost to soundproof is concerned, it will be equal to the cost of soundproofing a window or any of the particular structure that allows the airborne sounds.

If you insulate these structures well then you don’t need to worry about the cost that incurs on soundproofing, because these costs can never outweigh the peace that you will obtain after soundproofing.

2. Material

Impact noises

The type of sound which travels through any material is called the impact sound. The basic phenomena for these kinds of sound to travel is vibration.

Think of the impact sounds coming from the ceiling of your room. The ceilings are the major culprits for the impact noises to travel into your room.

The only solution to get rid of these sounds is to dampen their effect through decreasing the vibrations. Moreover, you can easily do this by adding sound-absorbing materials like dense foam.

In addition, you can also use materials like rubber (dense) to dampen the effects of sound.

You can also deal with impact noise by creating small gaps (also known as decoupling) to disrupt the flow of the vibrations.

However, the cost to soundproof a room against the impact noises is much lower than those of airborne noises. The reason for that is the materials which you use for sound dampening are quite affordable.

To find out more about the types of noises and how you can tackle them, click here to read a comprehensive article from

Now that we have discussed the types of sounds and how they travel, let us come to our point:

Does soundproofing work?

Yes, the soundproofing works if you use right the material in the right place in the right manner.

Well, if you do it properly then there are no chances of wasting your money on the equipment you use and labor that you hire for the soundproofing project.

You just have to keep in mind the basics of soundproofing and that is “thicker(denser) the material is, the more effective it will be”.

For instance, if you cannot hire a contractor or any professional to help you in soundproofing a room or any other structure, then read all of my blog posts.

As I have targeted almost everything that needs to be soundproofed, and I am sure that you will find what you are looking for.

Professional service or DIY?

When it comes to the cost of soundproofing any structure or object then the largest portion you will see is the labor cost or the professional fees.

While keeping such things in view, many people ask “Is it better to hire a professional to soundproof a room or do it by oneself?”


So, it quite obvious now that you can save up to 50%, by removing the professional fees from your soundproofing project and doing it yourself.

Moreover, in my point of view, soundproofing is not a difficult task for which hiring a professional is compulsory. For instance, you can think of constructing a house. It will for sure require you to have a labor to complete the job.

But, soundproofing, on the other hand, doesn’t require any skilled labor unless the task is complicated and requires precision.

Let’s take it this way, would you really hire someone to place a rug on your floor or to hang sound dampening curtains on the walls or even for caulking the gaps? Absolutely not.

You can save a lot on these soundproofing projects by doing it yourself.

On the contrary, some tasks do require you to hire someone for completing them properly, like removing or installing a window.

Watch a video by clicking on the link below and find out how this guy saved $400 by doing a soundproofing project by himself.

YouTube Channel: Pat Flynn

So, I have discussed below some of the pros and cons of hiring a professional and Doing it yourself.





It takes more time to complete the task

You can work independently according to your will.

Some renovations require a permit

Purchase material according to your budget.

You can damage something inside the house

Hiring a Contractor



Professional services


Cleaning and finishing provided

Security concerns

No need to purchase materials by yourself

Contracts can be clumsy

Final Thoughts

When you think about the cost to soundproof a room, you will surely take a deliberate decision of spending such an amount on your soundproofing project. However, if you can afford these costs then the benefits of soundproofing have no match.

So far you have witnessed the soundproofing of different areas of room along with their costs. Some projects may seem expensive to you (double-glazing), while some are very light on the pocket (Caulking).

However, it always depends on how bad the condition is (of your focused area). Moreover, the cost factor also relies upon if you hire a third party for your project or not.

I always prefer not to hire a person for a work that one can do easily, which results in a lot of cost-saving. In fact, soundproofing is also fun in itself. You get to learn many other things while you get yourself engaged in this project.

Long story short: People pay out huge amounts for experiencing the peace around them and in my opinion it’s worth it. You should never hesitate to spend on the soundproofing projects because you get the most valuable thing in return and that is “peace of mind”.


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