Soundproof a Baby Room Like a Pro – Complete Guide 2020

Nursery in apartment

To soundproof a baby room might not be an easy task, but it could be crucial.  It will help the baby have a better sleep and it will also save you from many troubles and headaches caused by the neighbors. To make your job easier, follow this expert guide and find out everything you need to know to soundproof the baby room like a professional.

So let’s get started!

Babies are adorable, aren’t they? They are these cute little human creatures who make our hearts melt. People claim that having a baby is the most beautiful thing that can anyone experience. However, the experience is not always a fairy tale. Especially during those nights when they are crying like if the world is ending and not only they are not leaving you and the neighbors to sleep. Uncomfortable, right?

And then when some guest comes to visit you while your baby is sleeping you will constantly have to remind them to lower their voice so they won’t wake up the baby.  Well, don’t worry, all you have to do is just to soundproof the baby room. 

I know this because I have a 14 years old brother and my parents had to be creative and tear down some walls to build him a baby room. On the other hand, my other brother and I were teenagers. We liked listening to loud music and having friends over. Therefore, my parents had to soundproof the baby room to keep us all happy. 

Man holding a baby
My father and brother in his new room

If you could not afford to hire experts to soundproof the baby room, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know to properly soundproof your baby room or nursery.

Soundproof the baby room door

Door of soundproof baby room
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First things first, invest in a good solid-core door.  Most doors which are used for interior purposes are actually very hollow and are constructed from thin materials. In comparison to the front door, these materials have air gaps that can easily transmit sound, especially a crying baby kind of sound.

If you decide to replace the current door with a soundproof door, then take a look at these interior soundproof doors that can definitely do the job.

However, if you prefer to choose the more affordable option which is to soundproof your current door by yourself then here are some ways to do that.

Try acoustic panels to soundproof the baby room door

Acoustic panel size chart

Acoustic panels are widely used for soundproofing doors, however, it is important to know that there are two types of acoustic panels  – foam panels and fiberglass panels.  The first ones are the best for reducing the echo while the second ones are great for blocking the noise.

Acoustic foams are meant to reduce noise and improve the music space’s acoustics. They are open-celled and are air-resistant. As a consequence, the noise level amplitude can be reduced.

Remember, acoustic foams are also available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors so try to be creative and have the right measures.

The best thing is that you don’t have to add special skills as they are self-adhesive. You just buy and apply them on the door. When the foam is used over the door, all air spaces are completely blocked.

What’s more, acoustic foams also block the sound and noise that usually can easily pass through light doors. They also even absorb all the sounds that bounce through the door and can remove echoes from the baby room. Take a look at this acoustic panel that is even used for soundproofing music studios.

Try soundproofing blankets to soundproof the baby room door

Another very common way people soundproof the baby room door is by using soundproofing blankets that cover all the open door air holes.  Considering that the size and thickness of the door are very relevant apart from the air gaps and this is where soundproofing blankets jump in. They are very thick and do not allow the air to pass through them.

Another great thing about them is that they are not hard to apply to the door either. In fact, there are different ways when it comes to how you can install them. The first one is to pin them to the door from the inside of the nursery or you can glue them to the door.

Alternatively, you can purchase soundproofing blankets with grommets and hang them on the door just like you would do with any curtains.

The most important thing that you should remember is that thick blankets guarantee better quality so when purchasing them, make sure they are thick.  However, remember to vacuum them periodically when you pin your blankets over the door. Blankets quickly accumulate dust. In case you want to hang them, then try to wash them over time as well.

Seal the holes and cover the gaps of the baby room door

When people soundproof doors, they often tend to do one big mistake – they underestimate the holes and gaps between the door and the floor. One can put foam panels or soundproofing blankets and still, the soundproofing might not be complete without sealing the holes and covering the gaps.  So do not forget to do this and certainly, do not underestimate it!

Small gaps in the door frames could easily be gaped with a weather stripping tape like this one you can find on Amazon. All you should do is first to clean the surface on the door frame where you should apply the tape and assure that there is no dirt and then cut it accordingly with scissors. Starting at one end, slowly peel paper backing as you press the sticky foam on the door frame. And that’s pretty much everything, however, if you want a more detailed guide, check out this article.

In case the gap between the door and the floor is bigger then perhaps it’s best if you go with an adjustable door sweep that you could purchase it here on Amazon. Just like the weather stripping tape, it is self-adhesive and could be applied within a few minutes. Install the door sweep, take a look at the video below.

Things to keep in mind

It is important to know that a door sweep could make the sliding of the door a little difficult which could make some noise while opening the door. On the other hand, it is great for noise reduction from the outside, it prevents bugs and insects to enter the room (which is super important for nursery rooms) and reduces the thermal leak.

All in all, soundproofing the baby room door is a number one thing you should do when soundproofing the room itself. If you want to check out some more ways on how to soundproof a door, check out this guide.

Soundproofing the windows

Window of soundproof baby room

Assuming that the baby room does have windows, people could say that they are also one of the most important things to soundproof in any room, not just a nursery.  Why? Well, unlike anything other in the room, they are the items that are most exposed to the outside world and all the noise that comes from there.

Just like soundproofing the door, you could also soundproof the baby room windows with weatherstrip tape and acoustical panels. Nevertheless, there are also some other options that could do the job even better.

Soundproof the baby room windows by adding an extra layer of acrylic

One of the cheapest ways to soundproof a window is to simply add an extra layer of acrylic to the glass. Basically what you should do in the process of adding that additional layer is to install a metal frame on your existing window. After you finished that, attach the acrylic to the existing windows ensuring that you have made an airtight seal as well.

Keep in mind that adding an extra layer of acrylic is only good for removing minor noise problems and it will still allow light entering your baby room. If you are okay with this and you are looking for a cheap way to soundproof the window of your baby room then give it a shot!

Purchase sound-dampening curtains

Before providing you more details about this method of soundproofing a window, I would first like to mention that it is not entirely effective either. Nevertheless, they are also an affordable method to reduce the noise from outside and are especially great when it comes to reducing the echo from the room.

One thing that I could recommend you is to purchase sound-muffling curtains that will cover the windows of your baby room from top to bottom. This will help you to achieve better results. Check out these ones on Amazon which are specifically made for kids’ rooms.

On the other hand, if you are in search of something more effective then I would suggest you use this method in a combination with another.

Replace the old window with a double-pane window

Replacing window glass to soundproof a baby room window
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Unlike the previous methods which are relatively cheap, this is actually very costly. However, if you do have the budget and still have some doubts remember the old saying that every good thing comes with a price.

So what exactly is a double-pane window?

A double-pane window is the type of window that comes with two panes of glass set into each frame. The space between the two panes acts as an air pocket that serves to soundproof and isolate the room.

The good thing is that if you are in a new building you probably already have double-pane windows. In case you don’t have and you are living in the United States, check out this e-store that offers free-upgrade and free-shipping of different types of windows including double-pane ones. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits that double-pane windows bring on the table, check out this article.

Soundproof the baby room’s floor

Soundproofing the baby room’s floor is particularly important if you are living in a building, but not on the first floor. You may do everything right, but if you forget to soundproof the floor of your baby’s room, your neighbors who live just below could still complain or even disturb your baby’s sleep.

Luckily, soundproofing the floor could be a very easy task that you could do in just a few minutes. Here is how:

Carpet the floorKids' room carpet with elephant on it

Believe it or not, carpeting the floor could really do a great job in terms of reducing the noise. Therefore, make sure to choose some very thick, yet super cute carpet for your baby’s room and just put it on the floor. My best suggestion goes to this carpet because it is thick, soft, and, of course, super cute.

Buy interlocking floor mats

Of course, soundproofing a living room or a kitchen with interlocking floor mats might not be a smart idea. If colorful it would look super funny and childish, but on the other hand, that’s exactly how a nursery should look like. Hence, interlocking floor mats could definitely do the trick.

The first step you should do is to buy them so if you haven’t already done that then take a look at these colorful interlocking mats. Remember, if your baby’s room is larger then you should perhaps purchase two or more sets instead of just one.

Once you get them all you have to do is just to lay the first one and start connecting the mats one by one. It will take you only a few minutes and will cost you only a few dollars.

One thing you should know though is that they might reduce the noise, but not completely remove it. My advice would be to combine them with another soundproofing method.

To learn about it, go through this comprehensive guide on soundproofing a floor. I’m sure it would be a great help for you!

Use mass loaded vinyl (MLV) to soundproof the baby room floor

Mass Loaded Vinyl is dense vinyl sheeting with small metal components. The material density makes it a perfect soundproofing material that you can use to soundproof the baby room. In addition, it is also fairly inexpensive and simple to install.

What’s more, the MLV may be used as a flooring underlay. Therefore, if you still haven’t installed the flooring then deploy it as an underlay for your new floors during planning.

Measure the room correctly and cut the material accordingly. When the space is especially large, instead of a single piece you can place it in parts. This could ease the installation process.  Use staples or finishing nails to easily tackle the MVL. You may also add a soundproofing component to the floor before installing the MLV, such as this Green Glue. It is placed to minimize noise even more.

Check out the video below to see how the process looks like:


Install  laminate flooring

Man installing laminate to soundproof a baby room
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If you are looking to take it to completely soundproof the floor and reduce all the noise then perhaps it’s a good idea to install laminate flooring.  Laminate flooring is known as one of the ways to soundproof an apartment flooring and perhaps you also should take it into consideration.

The important thing you should remember is that it will cost you way more than the previous methods, but still, it would be way more effective. 

If you decide to go with it then here is a step by step guide:

  1. Test how the laminate planks will layout in the baby room.
  2. Install the mass loaded vinyl or other underlayments to increase the soundproofing.
  3. Start laying the first row on the longest wall with the edges of the boards against the wall. The best is if you start from the right to the left.  Place a full-size plank against the wall, remove it from the wall about a few centimetres and ensure that the groove is facing out. To preserve this distance, place scrap wood spacers between the floor and the wall. Continue with additional large planks, work to the left at the end of the nursery. When working, lock each part with a hammer and a contact block or tighten the bar to snug the joints. The end joints must be solid, without any deficiencies. Many producers recommend that the planks be tapped with a rubber mail to help close the end joints.
  4. The last plank is likely to be too large once you hit the left end of the first section. Measure the appropriate length and pass the measurement to a full-size board from right to left in order to retain the end tongue of the board to be connected to the last board. Make sure the wall expansion distance is taken into account. Cut the plank and retain the cut-off end, forming in the second row the first plank, starting on the right side of the baby room. 
  5. Start with another row until you install it across all the rooms, to see how it looks like take a look at this video:


Soundproof the baby room walls and ceiling

Man working on wall painting

Soundproofing a room without soundproofing the walls and ceiling is the number one mistake you could do. This means that this is a thing that you can’t skip and you have to do it right. There are many different ways to soundproof the baby room walls and I will just list some of them.

Install thick wallpaper

If you are not planning to spend much then one of the most cost-effective things you can do to soundproof the walls is to install thick wallpaper. It will not only help you reduce the noise, but it will also serve as a great room decoration. If you don’t know which wallpaper to choose, my best suggestion goes to this one.

Install acoustic panels to soundproof the baby room walls and ceiling

One of the most popular methods for wall and ceiling soundproofing is installing acoustic panels. Sound reabsorbing acoustic panels are made of compressed mineral wool or spray that absorbs sound waves in order to minimize ambient vibration, clarify speech and restrict reverberation within enclosed spaces. Using acoustic panels effectively could significantly dampen the noise and provide your baby with a more relaxing place to sleep.  

Unlike the previous methods, they could be more costly, but also way more effective. There are a few different ways to install acoustic panels, but I will explain to you the most simple one – with command strips like these ones.

What you should do is just to remove the paper tab on the command strips and place one piece on each side of the cardboard of the acoustic panel. Once you have done that, press the command strip for 10 seconds so it could stay attached on the cardboard. Then just in the same way as attaching the command strip, remove the other paper tap and press the acoustic panel against the wall or ceiling and hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat this until you attach all the acoustic panels.

If you are in doubt about which acoustic panels you should purchase, make sure to check out these ones that come 48 pieces in 1 set.

Purchase a white noise maker

Woman carrying a white noise maker device

The most interesting thing from this guide is definitely the white noise maker. Although it might sound a little bit counter-intuitive, this device can actually do the trick very well.

The concept is to replace the uncomfortable noise that might disturb your baby’s sleep with a noise that is calming and therapeutic. The best thing is that there are white noise makers like this one which is specifically made for babies featuring lullabies and even a mother’s heartbeat!

Final Thoughts

Soundproofing a baby room may not be a simple task, but nor it is a tough task. It can be done super easily in just a single day. What’s best is that most of the items are not that costly either. However, if you still have doubts if you should do it or not, trust me you will be thankful later on if you do it!

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