Soundproof a Drum Room: 5 effective methods

Soundproofed drum room

Drums are one of the loudest instruments. In fact, there’s one thing that no one would like– to have a passionate drummer as a neighbor.  When I was a teenager, I loved drumming, and practicing made a ruckus. My father learned about soundproofing, but we didn’t have the slightest clue about how to soundproof a drum room.

To effectively soundproof a drum room, pad the walls and ceiling of the room with acoustic foam panels or sound-absorbing sheets, then pad the floor with interlocking mats or carpet. Use a soundproof blanket or curtain for the doors and windows. Make sure the drum room is airtight, by sealing off any cracks left with a sealant.

You should learn the essential skill necessary for soundproofing a drum room if you are a drummer and you live with your family or within earshot of your neighbors. Hiring professionals can be very costly, but why hire them when you can do it yourself. In this article, I will share with you the best and the most cost-effective methods that can easily do a perfect job. Let’s get started.

Methods To Soundproof A Drum Room Wall and Ceiling

Install Acoustic Foam Panels To The Walls And The Ceiling

What causes those super loud and powerful sounds when drumming is actually the hard surfaces where sounds bounce off. This means that walls and the ceiling create an impact as the sound bounces from one hard surface to the next. Drums themselves produce powerful sounds, increasing the noise even more.

One way to reduce this bouncing effect is to use acoustic foam to cover the walls and the ceiling. In reality, this can look pretty cool if you want it to. Acoustic foam can be bought in various colors and styles. This helps you to arrange them in a creative and artistic way. These acoustic panels on Amazon look super cool so why not take a look at them!

Keep in mind that you will have to buy multiple packs to cover the entire floor.  As mentioned, they are available in different colors to be combined or simply held in one hue. If you can’t afford to cover the whole room, it will still make a huge difference even if you soundproof only 25% of the drum room. Just like the old good rule – better something than nothing.

The best thing about acoustic foam is that you could install them super fast and easy.

This video shows how easy it is to install acoustic foam panels, and you can do it all by yourself :

Install Sound Absorption Sheets To Soundproof A Drum Room

Another affordable way to soundproof a drum room is to install sound absorption sheets.  The important thing about this soundproofing solution is that they could easily be installed with a hanging clip. Unfortunately, they are not as fancy-looking as acoustic foam panels, but they can still do a great job.

Remember that these sound absorption sheets can only reduce sound levels up to 60%, meaning that your family and neighbors could still hear something, but obviously not as much as before. If you make your decision and decide to install these sheets instead of acoustic foam panels then I would suggest you check out Audimute’s Sound Absorption Sheets.

Methods To Soundproof A Drum Room Floor

Get A Drum Rug To Soundproof The Drum Room Floor

Drums on a drum rug

Once you are done with the walls and the ceilings of your drum room then it’s time to take care of the floor. There are many different ways to soundproof a floor for drumming purposes; getting a drum rug is one of them.

Many people have not even heard that this type of rug exists, but the truth is that it does exist and it does a fantastic job when it comes to soundproofing. This drum rug on Amazon looks super cool and is also noise-absorbing, so make sure you consider that.

However, if you want to get better results with this drum rug then the best is if your floor is already carpeted and this rug will be laid above it. In case the floor is not already carpeted then it would be great if you cover the entire floor with this type of rugs.

Install Acoustic Underlay To Soundproof The Drum Room Floor

The previous method is very easy and affordable, however, it does not soundproof the floor completely. If your neighbors or family are “giving you headaches” more than they should, then it’s probably best to go with some more effective option. Acoustic underlay is a great soundproofing option for this type of purpose. The only disadvantage is that it is not as simple and cheap as a drum rug, but it is definitely worth the effort and the money.

What makes it a better option than the rug is the fact that it absorbs significantly more vibrations than a normal underlay. Underlay is way thicker and denser, therefore, it easily dampens sounds and vibrations. My best suggestion goes to this acoustic underlay that you can find on Amazon.

The most important thing that you should know is that this acoustic underlay is meant to be installed under hardwood or laminate. If that’s not a problem for you then let’s get started.

A step-by-step guide to install acoustic underlay:

  1. Clean the floor where you will place the underlay.
  2. Roll the acoustic underlay.
  3. Make sure each underlay roll is adjusted to the parallel rolls and then cover each roll with aluminum tape.
  4. Readjust the underlay so it will be rolled till the point where the floor meets the walls. Then place the skirting boards and you are done!

Soundproof The Drum Room Door

Use Soundproofing Blankets To Soundproof The Door

Soundproof blanket installed on a door
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The door is one of the most important things that you should not forget when soundproofing the drum room. It is simply the place where most sound can leak out and bother your family over and over again. To prevent that from happening then I would highly recommend you to soundproof the door. You can do that by using soundproofing blankets.

What makes them so good is that just as any soundproofing material they are also very dense and are specifically made to block sound leaks. In other words, they simply do not allow drum sound to pass through them.

The greatest thing is that they are also super easy to install. Basically, you can just pin them to the door or use a hooker and hang them. However, if you ask me, then I would suggest you pin them on the door to achieve better results.

If you want to learn more in detail about soundproofing blankets and see all the options, take a look at this article.

In addition, if you want to learn more about soundproofing a door, you can find more tips in this article that took me about a week to write after extensive research.

Seal The Gaps Between The Floor And The Door

Door sweep on a door
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Every door is designed to open and close smoothly. In fact, that’s why there is a gap between the door and the board. However, that door space allows drum noise to move through. The bigger the distance, the more noise the door will make.

To solve this issue, you can use an outdoor sweep like this one you can find on Amazon. Make sure to check the size of the gap and purchase a door sweep which can cover it perfectly.

Door sweeps are great because they slide well on tapestries, wooden floors, and laminate floors when installed under the doors. What’s more, they also do not leave traces or scratches on the floor and still prevent noise from crossing the door gaps.

If you need more guidance when installing the door sweep, check out the video below.

Soundproof The Drum Room Windows

Try Soundproofing Curtains

Windows can also leak a lot of noise, especially if they have only one glass pane. You can replace it for acoustic windows, but it is a very costly option so I am not going to get too much in detail about that. You can just check out this article in case you think that might work for you.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a more cost-effective solution then you should invest in acoustic curtains. These extra-thick multi-layered curtains work specifically for deadening sound coming from and into the room.

Sure they won’t completely soundproof your window, but they still are a great solution. In addition, you can choose them by color so it could match your drum room style. To help you out with the choice, I would suggest you check out these great soundproofing curtains on Amazon.

Seal The Gaps On The Window

Alright, just as the door can have some gaps so do the windows. To ensure that everything is soundproofed just the way it should be then you should definitely seal those gaps. You can do that with different methods, but I personally prefer to use caulk like this one on Amazon.

Caulking gun to soundproof gaps and holes in a drum room

If you already got the caulk and the caulking gun like this one you can find on Amazon as well, then follow this guide:

  • Check for air leaks

First things first, make sure to check for air leaks. What you should do is just to light a candle around the windows you think sound escapes. If the flame is trembling you have a leak and you should seal it.

  • Clean the windows

Yup! If your windows dirty make sure to clean it and remove any old caulk and paint.

  • Prepare the caulking gun

Break a lock on top of the gun with a knife. Cut the nozzle at an angle of 45 ° with an opening about the size of the hole that should be filled Place the nozzle at the top of the cartridge and put it into the gun by moving the base of the canister into the caulking gun.

  • Caulk the leak

Apply steady pressure on the caulking gun to force the filler in the area causing the leak. Push the nozzle in a smooth motion around the joint. At the end of each section wipe the excess of caulk away with a mixture of water and detergent. And that’s it!

I will also recommend you to check out this article that I recently wrote. It includes 11 different best ways to soundproof a window.

Get A Drum Shield

Drum shield and drums to soundproof a drum room

I know that I might be stating the obvious now, but hey it’s better to remind you than not, right?  Despite the fact that unlike the previous methods, drum shields are somewhat a costly soundproofing solution for a drum room. Although they function exactly for that purpose. In fact, many professional drummers use drum shields to manage the sound when it is too loud.

What a drum shield does is that it catches the sound and prevents it from interfering with other noises. Therefore, even though you completely soundproof the drum room I would still suggest you get a drum shield and enhance the results even more. Trust me, your family and neighbors will be thankful to you!

There are many different types of drum shields, but I would encourage you to check out this one on Amazon. It has a great rating and great reviews. the panels consist of crystal clear acrylic which makes the quality very promising, right?

Other Things You Can Use When Soundproofing A Drum Room

There are many different things that drummers use when practicing in order to dampen the sound. Here I will just list a few of them and hopefully, they will help you to take the soundproofing of your drum room to a whole new level:

Drum Kit For Sound Dampening

Basically, here all you need to do is just to get a drum sound dampening kit like this one on Amazon and install it on your drums. These pads specifically dampen the sound the drums makes when you practice.

Replace Your Drums Sticks With Brushes

Yup! You read it right! Many drummers actually do replace their drums sticks with brushes in order to make their drum sound a lot less; perhaps you should try that too. Keep in mind that those are not wire brushes that people use every day, but special ones. For instance, take a look at these drum brushes on Amazon.

Use Home Muffling Items To Dampen The Sound

This will probably cost you nothing as chances are that you already have maffling items in your home. For example, you can use a beach towel, foam ring, or an old pillow to put inside your drum in order to dampen the sound. In fact, you can actually use a combination of more similar items to reduce the sound of their drums.

If you want to learn more about this, take a look at this video:

Final Thoughts

To soundproof a drum room is not the easiest task one can do, but it is completely doable. I have done it myself, and I can tell you that I have never regretted my actions. It saved me a lot of unnecessary stress, and I believe that it has also spared people around me the headaches too. I hope that this guide will help you out as well! If you want to better soundproof the drum room then check out this article where you can find more soundproofing options.

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