Soundproof a Dog Crate and Kennel: 7 Easy Ways

soundproofing dog kennel

Sometimes dogs can be annoying when barking for no reason. On the other hand, people yelling and making some other noises can be very stressful for dogs as well. To keep both sides happy, it is better if you soundproof your dog crate or kennel. Here you can find great methods and learn to soundproof a dog crate and kennel all by yourself.

Dog crane

Many people love dogs, but there’s one thing about them that no one likes – their barks. Just imagine you are sleeping early in the morning and your dog starts to bark like crazy. Not only it will not leave you to sleep, but it will also bother your neighbors.

On the other hand, dogs are also often bothered by the noises that people do. They often get scared by loud noises like thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, trucks, security alarms, and even people yelling.

One of my friends lives in a house which is very near to the main road where there is a lot of traffic jam. He once told me that his dog was always getting super scared in the morning due to the loud traffic noises and was barking really loud. Not only it was unpleasant for the dog, but it was also bad for my friend because he had to deal with the neighbors complaining.

Therefore, since I have some experience with soundproofing, I suggested him to soundproof the dog kennel. I promised to help him out with that so he agreed and I can proudly say that we did a great job. Since I know that many people are dog owners, I decided to share with you a beginner’s guide on soundproofing a dog kennel and create based on my own experience.

Keep reading and thank me later!

How to soundproof a dog kennel and crate? 7 easy ways

Here are seven ways for soundproofing a dog kennel and crate easily and effectively.

  1. Buy a dog crate cover
  2. Buy a dog crate bed
  3. Install moving blankets
  4. Buy absorption sheets
  5. Install acoustic tiles
  6. Buy a soundproofed-ready dog crate
  7. Soundproof a room of your home

Buy a dog crate cover

Dog crane cover
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Dog crate cover is one of the simplest ways to soundproof a dog crate and kennel. It offers significant noise reduction performance. The create cover is made of thick fabric with a padding layer that is perfect for keeping the sound out.

This not only prevents interference of outside sounds but also reduces internal sounds to leak outside.

One important thing is that this cover does not remove the noise completely. This means that a mild noise can still be heard both outside and inside. On the other hand, the good thing is that it can still do a good job and could be used for both, crate and kennel.

I would suggest you take a look at this dog crate cover on Amazon.

Buy a dog crate bedDog in a crate bed

A dog bed is also very good for soundproofing a dog crate and kennel. Moreover, you can also use it to make the crate or kennel more comfortable and smooth for your lovely dog to sleep. In addition to that, the dog bed can also block the noise and improve sound reduction.

There are various bed lengths, height, and thickness of dog beds. You can choose a large dog bed that covers most of the bottom of the crate or kennel to reduce as much noise as possible. The materials used in a dog bed are good sound absorber such as cotton, synthetic fibers, foam, etc.

My best recommendation goes to this dog bed on Amazon. It comes in different sizes and has over 14k reviews!

Install moving blankets 

Another choice is to use moving blankets to cover the dog crate or kennel.  This is an economic approach that helps to efficiently soundproof a dog crate or kennel. Moving blankets can absorb sounds which is why they are different from normal blankets. Moving blankets can help you to absorb noise, insulate, and make your dog’s home super cozy.

You can easily clean it and even put one or two on the bottom of your dog, to reduce the sound. What’s more, you can even fold it up and make it a comfortable bed for your dog on the bottom of the crate or kennel. This moving blanket on Amazon seems to be a great option that you should definitely take into consideration.

The most important thing for this option is to make sure the crate or kennel is well ventilated and is not too hot inside. The point is to make the dog feel comfortable, don’t forget that!

Buy absorption sheets

Absorption sheets are another cost-effective way to soundproof the dog crate or kennel. They help to absorb mid-high frequency sounds and also eliminate echos.

Absorption sheets are easy and simple to install on the outside sides (to avoid the dog chew them up) of the dog crate or kennel. In fact, you won’t even need to have some tools for that as they come with grommet holes to enable simple installation.

Nevertheless, make sure that you buy the right size! If you need some help with choosing the right absorption sheets, I would ease your job and recommend these ones on Amazon.

Install acoustic tiles

Acoustic tiles to soundproof a dog crate and kennel
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Acoustic ceiling tiles are another affordable soundproofing option that you should not exclude. They are available in different sizes and styles and can be installed in different ways.

Keep in mind that while acoustic tiles may reduce a room’s noise, they are usually used to cover an uneven ceiling. They are generally made from compressed mineral and wood fiber in 12-inch squares. Some leading manufacturers produce decorative tiles as well so you would be able to decorate (again from the outside) the dog crate or kennel if you want to. Check out these beautiful and decorative acoustic tiles on Amazon, I think they are awesome!

The best thing is that they are also very simple to install. In fact, there are two ways to install it. You can glue it to the sides and the bottom of the dog crate or kennel, whatever you have. On the other hand, the second way is to attach it with the help of staples. However, the second option is only good if you have a wooden kennel.

Take a look at this article if you want to learn more about acoustic tiles.

Or if you want to see how soundproofing a dog crate and kennel looks like visually, check out this video.


Buy a soundproofed-ready dog crate

Fortunately, there are some dog crane manufacturers that are aware of the noise issues that dog owners are facing.  That’s why they made crates that are soundproofed-ready. So if you are not a handy person then maybe it would be better to buy a crate that is already soundproofed.    

Soundproofed crates are modified crates that reduce the noise that comes in and out. These types of crates come with sound-absorbing components such as acoustic panels and sound baffles.

Vibrations and noises are absorbed which is why the noise is significantly reduced. These crates are also good for the dog because it reduces the echo that often can frighten your lovely pet. To save you time from looking for a crate that is already soundproofed, I would recommend this one on Amazon.

Smart dog crates and kennels

With the development of technology, there were also some changes that happened with cranes and kennels. Just like many other devices, people also invented smart god cranes and kennels. This means that these dog crates and kennels are not only soundproofed, but they also offer features that usual ones can’t.

Again, keep in mind that these ones are a little bit costly, but are definitely worth the investment!


Dog in a soundproofed crate
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ZenCrate which started as a project on Kickstarter in 2016 is the first anti-anxiety “smart” dog den. The reason why the project turned out so successful and received so much support on Kickstarter is actually that it is one of the most attractive crates on the market. It comes with proximity sensors that serve to activate the speakers, fans, and a camera.

All you need to do is just to plug the crate into an outlet and there you go, your dog already will have soundproofed yet anxiety-free crate. In addition, it also has a backup rechargeable battery that you can use during power outages. ZenCrate can also be adjusted via a free mobile app.

To ensure that dogs won’t experience anxiety when in the crate, the manufacturer also included special music that relieves anxiety in dogs. For more comfort, the inside of the crate has a waterproof memory foam bed! I bet you would envy your dog for this!

Finally, the most important thing is that ZenCrate has vibration-dampening feet that are very good during thunderstorms, earthquakes, etc.  Considering all of this, I can’t say that ZenCrate is a cheap solution. However, if the previously mentioned guide is not something you feel ready to do then perhaps you should start thinking about getting this crate.

If this is something you can afford, then check out their official website and make your purchase.

Ford-noise canceling kennel

Believe it or not, it’s true! Ford is making the first steps into the world of soundproof dog crates. Some of the first thing you would notice about this dog kennel is its style. This kennel has a very appealing, modern style that still evokes a traditional dog house look. It has the triangular shape of a building, but the clean geometric lines and white and tan color scheme make it look unique.

This kennel will certainly blend in with other furnishings in your home, and even look stylish in your backyard. However, because this is just a prototype, I’m not completely sure of the full potential that the kennel would have.

So whether you can keep it in the yard is still something that you should think about. Ford’s coming up with this idea makes sense when you think about it. They used the very same Active Noise Control feature in their cars to create this kennel. The kennel’s walls are fully padded with acoustic insulation and even have an automatic door. When the door shuts, the outside microphone records noises like reworks, while the inside speakers counteract with opposite frequencies.

So, you see, this kennel uses similar ideas that white noise machines use which seems to be very promising.

To see better how it looks like, check out the video below.

Soundproof a room of your home

Soundproofing a room
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If the previous methods don’t work or that’s not something you want to invest to then perhaps it would be a good idea to soundproof a room of your home. There you can keep the crane or kennel or perhaps your dog might not even have to have one because the entire room would be soundproofed.

Speaking of that, there are many different ways on how to soundproof a room. In fact, you can do it with acoustic tiles, in the same way, I described above. However, if you want to learn more about how to soundproof a room completely including walls and ceilings then it’s better if you check out my article that covers that topic specifically.

Issues you might face when soundproofing a dog crate or kennel

The temperature might be too high

One issue that you might encounter if you decide to soundproof a dog crate or kennel is high temperature. This especially can be the case when using moving blankets to cover the crate or kennel or if you leave it close to the radiator or under the sun. That’s why make sure to be careful when choosing a position of the crate. In addition, you can use proper soundproofing materials. If you don’t take care of these two things, the dog crate or kennel might get too hot and uncomfortable for your cute dog.

To prevent that I would also recommend you install a wireless temperature sensor on the interior top of the crate or kennel and keep an eye on that even when you are not at home. Take a look at this Google Nest Temperature Sensor on Amazon, perhaps it could help you out. Whenever you notice that the temperature has increased, you could take out the dog and let the kennel or crate to cool down for a while. 

The ventilation might be poor

The good thing is that the soundproofing materials used for these purposes generally are good when it comes to ventilation, but I will still warn you. Make sure that the dog crate or kennel has proper ventilation. It is essential for the health of the dog!

To achieve this I would advise you to install this Osborne’s Agri-Aide® Ventilation that specializes in “creating comfortable, productive environments in animal facilities.” 

Helping the dog to settle in the crate or kennel

Dog in front of a kennel

Sometimes, when you make some changes in the dog’s environment, it will have a hard time adjusting to those changes. Soundproofing the crane or kennel is also a change and your dog might have difficulties settling in there.

Solving that issue might be even more important than soundproofing the dog crate or kennel because if your dog does not want to stay there then why do you even need it in the first place, right? Here are some tips that I could give you on regarding this:

Place the dog crate or kennel in a safe environment

It is important for your dog to feel safe in the soundproofed crane/kennel, therefore putting it in a familiar and comfortable place might be helpful. Opposite of that, if you place it in the laundry room or the garage it might upset the dog and it will bark even more. That’s why make sure to put it in the living room or a room that is familiar to your dog. It will help it to relax and feel more comfortable.

Train your dog

Incorporating the crate into training is another way that you can help add consistency and positive behavior. Teaching your dog to go into the crane/kennel and stay there helps it to stay in there in the future without barking. To do this is best if you take some time to learn some basic dog’s psychology. I used to have a dog and I realized if you know how to communicate with them they stop barking for no reason. Basically, all you need to do is just to discipline them and provide them a lot of love and care during the process and they will be calm.

For instance, have you heard about the concept of alpha dog or the pack leader? That’s when it happens when your dog starts barking loud and sometimes even run in front of you – it thinks that it is the leader of the pack and it should protect you. To change that, you should stop showing beta behavior and become the alpha of his imaginary pack. To learn more about these training methods, take a look at this article that covers that topic specifically.

Play with your dog

Dog playing with toys

Another thing that you should remember is that tired dogs don’t bark – they sleep. That’s why I would highly advise you to play with your dog whenever possible, that way it will get tired and have no time for barking. In fact, you should play with it around the crate or kennel so it will start getting familiar with it and have a positive association with it. You can also take it out for walks or engage it in different activities. It should do the trick.

Buy some dog toys

Dogs love playing especially with toys. Additionally, toys are also a great way to keep your dog busy so it will not have time for barking or doing other annoying things. That’s why take a look at this set of 12 toys on Amazon that your dog would surely love!

Avoid emotional goodbyes

Husky barking

There is one big mistake that dog owners do that upset the dog and make it bark even more – long and emotional goodbyes. I know you sure love your dog and you want to give it a hug every time you go to work or somewhere else, but try to avoid it. Dogs don’t like emotional goodbyes, they get upset by them and when they are upset they start barking very loudly.

In addition, do not talk to your dog in a high-pitch voice. The reason why I am saying this is because for dogs speaking in a high-pitch voice means that you are excited and that it is okay for them to be excited as well. And when they are excited they tend to bark loud and start running around you.

Reward your dog every time it enters the crate or kennelA dog kennel

Dogs usually bark because they are afraid. Therefore, to ensure that your dog feels good and secure in the crate, you should make them feel safe there. To achieve that make sure to not use the dog crate or kennel as a punishment. If you do, your dog will develop negative feelings and anxiety towards what is supposed to be his home.

You will enhance the positive association with the crate or kennel by giving a reward to your dog once it gets in the crate/kennel and thank him for his good behavior. In other words, you should have prepared some nice treats for your beloved pet every time it goes in the crate or kennel. You should have already achieved your dog to love its crate or kennel by the time you start leaving your house and leaving it there alone. Remember that!

Final thoughts

Many people might think that you must be crazy if you want to soundproof a dog crate and kennel, but you know better than anyone how necessary it is. Don’t listen to them, especially if they themselves are not dog owners. If you decide to take that step and soundproof your dog crate and kennel, I wish you great luck and I hope this guide will help you out tremendously!


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