Soundproofing a Rented Apartment: Complete Guide

Soundproofing a rented apartment might be a little bit difficult as after all you might not be allowed to make certain DIY things in the apartment. However, with the right resources and the right guidance that is not impossible. Here you will learn everything you need to know about that.

rented apartment

A few months back, I rented an apartment right in the middle of the city at a surprisingly very less month rent! The neighbors said that nobody lives here because it’s very noisy! Just to try out my technical skills, I took up the challenge and decided to soundproof it! Luckily, I was able to do that within a few days. Everybody was curious to find out how I did that, so I decided to write an article on it!

In this article, I will be sharing with you everything that you need to know for soundproofing a rented apartment. You can soundproof the doors, windows, and floor of the apartment using some easy, cheap, and removable techniques to soundproof the apartment as a whole. Some tips and tricks work really great to reduce a lot of noise coming from the outside.

I have covered it all for you, so just keep reading till the end of the article to learn some amazing tips and techniques for soundproofing a rented apartment cheaply!

Soundproofing a rented apartment: Step-by-step 

If you’re living in a rented apartment, it is obvious that you cannot make some permanent changes, and not too expensive ones either! If you’re looking for some cheap and easy ways of soundproofing a rented apartment, you’ve come to the right place! To soundproof an apartment, you have to consider each part (i.e. the floors, windows, ceilings, and the walls) individually so that you can focus on one thing at a time to soundproof the apartment as a whole easily, efficiently and very quickly!

So let’s get started!

Soundproofing a rented apartment doors

soundproofing a rented apartment door

Doors that have gaps underneath them are one of the biggest sources of noise in an apartment. Sealing these gaps can make a great difference. For that, there are many cheap options available in the market.

The easiest and the quickest way is to use a weatherstripping tape. I prefer rubber weatherstripping tape over other options because it costs less and is an easy-to-install option. Simply purchase one from Amazon and fix all the gaps by sealing them completely with this. You can find it here on Amazon.

You can watch this tutorial to learn more about how to do it.

Another good way of soundproofing your apartment doors is to install a door sweep. Door sweeps are mostly used to prevent insects from entering inside. But to think, if insects can enter through the gaps, noise can just as easily. Therefore, you can simply install a door sweep on your doors to stop noise from bothering you. I would recommend you to buy this door sweep on Amazon because it is multi-layered and has really good reviews for reducing sound to a great level.

If you just don’t like any of these ways and want something colorful to fix your bedroom door, you can use the door guards to help reduce a lot of noise. The door guards are great because they not only soundproof your door but also prevent hot or cold air from entering inside. Etsy has got some great options for you. Go through this website to choose a door guard of your choice.

To cover the whole door, you can use a soundproof blanket that works really well for soundproofing and I have discussed them in a lot of my articles. For a rented apartment, I would recommend the moving blankets that are used for moving the heavy furniture. These blankets are made up of thick and dense fabric and work really well for blocking a lot of noise.

The best part is you can just take them off whenever you want, and put them back whenever you feel that it’s noisy outside. The best soundproofing blanket that you can find on Amazon is the Sure-Max moving and packing blanket. Just order them for your apartment and they will be quite useful for soundproofing a lot of things, trust me!

If you feel that the blankets don’t look good on the doors, you can go for the soundproof curtains of your choice to cover the door. These curtains are thick and dense and are specially designed to block all noise coming from the outside.

The NICETOWN noise reducing curtains are the best ones on Amazon and I would really recommend them for your apartment. Just fix them with a rod on your doors and take them with you, whenever you switch your apartment. Simple, easy and so convenient, right?

Anyway, these were just some of the easy and cheap techniques for soundproofing the apartment doors. If you want to look for some more options, just go through my article on “How to Soundproof a Door – Expert Ideas for Soundproofing”. I have explained every single step in detail, so I’m sure that would be a great help for you!

Soundproofing the windows

soundproofing windows in a rented apartment

Just like the doors, you can use some thick soundproof curtains to soundproof the windows reducing a great amount of noise. The best part is that you can choose a good-looking curtain to add up to the aesthetic look of your apartment. The other benefits can be a reduction is echo and light coming from the outside. Here is a great video that tells everything how these curtains help in blocking the sound and reducing the noise.

There are many good options for soundproof window curtains available on Amazon. My recommendation would be the Moondream Sound Insulation curtains that reduce noise to a great level and are also available in a lot of different colors. Purchase it here on Amazon. Just choose any color of your choice, and you are good to go!

Also, you can install the thick material blinds or shades for soundproofing the apartment’s windows. They are pretty easy to install and even look good on the windows. I would recommend you to go for some thicker options, like the Cordless Single Cell Shades that you find on Amazon. Firstly, they are thicker than the other normal shades, and secondly, they are specially designed to absorb the sound and noise. So, you can give them a try and I’m sure you will like the difference.

Another option that might not look too good on your windows, but is a lot more effective, is a removable window plug. A window plug is a cheap and easy solution that has proved to be the best for soundproofing the windows. To build a window plug is not a hard job. You only need to have some interest and technical knowledge to do this yourself at home. The materials required are a layer of foam and a sound dampening mat glued to a wooden board. You can get these materials easily from Amazon or any store, and build it yourself using some simple instructions. This article can help you with that.

The best part about these window plugs is that these are easily removable. That means you can just take them off whenever you want. Just build them for your apartment windows and you will feel a great difference yourself.

If you do not want to block the outside view from your apartment, you can consider the window inserts. They are made up of glass and create an airtight seal to reduce a great amount of noise. The best is you can just take them off whenever you want. Indowwindows has got some great options for you. Here is a short Youtube video that tells you more about it.

To learn more about soundproofing a window, I would recommend you to just go through my article on “How to Soundproof a Window”. I have explained 11 best ways of soundproofing, and each of them in detail. You will learn a lot of new stuff from there as well.

Soundproofing the floor

carpet for soundproofing your office floor

After you are done with soundproofing your apartment’s doors and windows, you can go for soundproofing the floor using some easy tips and techniques.

The best and the most well-known method for soundproofing the floor is using thick and dense mats or carpets. The idea for this is simple. The thicker and softer the rug would be, the more it will absorb the sound. You can use between either rug or the carpet, depending on your budget and choice. Rugs are a better option for the rented apartments because they are easy to use and remove, so you can easily them with you wherever you want.

Additionally, if you want even better results with the rug and carpets, you can use a soundproof mat underneath the rug. This will enhance the sound reduction and will keep the rug in place. Just make sure that you cut the soundproof mat of the same size as the rug. My recommendation here would be the Foamily 12 Pack-Acoustic panel from Amazon that you can use for soundproofing several things, along with soundproofing your apartment floor.

Another option is installing the interlocking floor mats in your apartment. These mats are quite cheap and readily available in the market. Also, the interlocking floor mats usually consist of rubber and cork and thus, they are the best for soundproofing the floor. For installation, you just have to place them on your floor and connect them like a puzzle. They will add density and softness to your floor, thereby, reducing noise to a great extent. Here is the Amazon listing to one of the best interlocking mats available in the market.

Soundproofing the walls

how to soundproof thin walls

You can use some decorative ideas for soundproofing your wall. The idea behind this is simple. If you attach more things to your walls, it will add mass to it which will absorb sound, and therefore, you will see a lot of reduction in noise!

For this, you can just go to the market and get some nice wall-hangings or paintings to attach to your wall. Also, you can go for some thick decorative quilts for the walls that can be great for soundproofing. A thick wallpaper would be a good choice too if you do not feel like hanging anything on the walls. Also, hanging plants is another great idea that you can go for!

So that’s just as simple as it sounds! The more materials you add on your wall, the thicker it will be, and the better would be the results.

Another thing you can do for soundproofing is to just look for all the gaps and cracks in your apartment walls and seal them. The best choice for filling up these gaps is using an acoustic caulk which is easy to apply and stays for a long time. The best option is the Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant from Amazon that I have recommended a lot of times. The technique to use this is simple. Just clean the area to wipe away any dirt or debris, apply the glue with the tube, smooth it over the surface, let it try, and you’re done!

Although these are some great temporary options, they do not soundproof a wall completely. For complete soundproofing, you can ask the owner of the apartment if you could make some changes. After getting the consent, all you have to do is just through my article on soundproofing thin walls, and start working on it using some of my easiest tips and tricks!

Soundproofing the air vents

soundproofing a rented apartment air vents

Believe it or not, if you have air vents in your apartment, they will be one of the major sources of noise! You cannot entirely seal the air vents because that will reduce the airflow in them, but you can greatly reduce the noise using some tips and techniques. This is a bit technical and not as easy as the other methods, so you have to be very careful and consider a few things before doing it.

If you have air vents making a lot of noise and you want to soundproof them, you can go through my article on “How To Soundproof Air Vents – 5 Effective Ways (2020)”. I have explained everything in great detail. I am sure that will help you a lot with soundproofing your apartment’s air vents.

Now, after I have covered the major areas of noise, let me just tell you a few secret tips and tricks that can help you a lot with soundproofing a rented apartment effectively and cheaply!

Extra soundproofing tips for soundproofing a rented apartment

living room

Here I will be discussing with you some really amazing tips that can go help you with soundproofing any place you want! So, just keep reading!

  1. Before you start soundproofing any area, observe and note down the areas that are the main sources of noise. Once you have noted that down, the rest is easy. Simply plan your working, and start with the area making the most noise. You can choose any method depending on your choice and budget. Just make sure you do not spend too much on a rented apartment.
  2. Furthermore, use things that can be easily removed and replaced from one place to another. Because you are living a rented apartment, make sure that these things can be used anywhere. This will save you from buying them all over again if you shift to a new place.
  3. Also, check all the holes or gaps in the walls, ceilings, and windows of your apartment. If you find any, fill them with a good sealant. My suggestion has always been the green glue I mentioned above. Just apply it anywhere you find a gap, and you are good to go!
  4. You can use furniture to soundproofing your apartment. This is one of the most effective soundproofing tips that I have discussed in a lot of my articles. Just remember that the emptier your apartment, the more echo it will pick, and the more noise you will hear. Thus, you can simply get some new furniture for your apartment or rearrange the old one to fix the place making the most noise. Rearranging furniture is not that hard, and is actually quite a fun activity. Just make sure that you have placed your resting chairs or sofas away from the shared wall. Also, fix that wall with some painting or wall hanging.
  5. If you do not have enough space for furniture, just throw in some floor cushions, pillows, and rugs. These things will also absorb a lot of noise and you will feel a great difference. Also, these things will just add up to the cozy look of your apartment, which is all that you want, right?
  6. Another great tip is to use a bookcase or a book rack for soundproofing your apartment. If you place a bookcase along the wall, with a lot of books in it, it will greatly reduce the noise coming from the wall. Also, this would add to a nice design element to your apartment which would be great. My suggestion here is to combine this tip with any of the soundproofing methods for some really good results.
  7. Additionally, plants can also help in soundproofing your apartment. If you place more plants around the noisy areas of your apartment, they will absorb sound, and when combined with any of the other methods, can make a great difference in noise reduction.
  8. In case the landlord allows, you can even use soundproofing paint for the apartment’s walls and ceilings for noise reduction. If you get permission, simply purchase a good paint to cover the areas making the most noise. I would recommend you to buy this one from Amazon if you choose the option.
  9. Just remember that none of these techniques is a stand-alone solution, and you have to combine a few of them to get some good results. As all the techniques I have mentioned here are quite easy and cheap, I think you can do a good job if you just choose the right thing for the right place.

Final thoughts

Living in a noisy apartment is just the worst thing you could do to yourself! Luckily, there are some great tips and tricks that can help you soundproof it almost completely. You just have to be careful in using the right technique for the right place and you’re good to go!

Remember that there are a lot of cheap ways on how you can do that, however, you should always first read the guide above and follow the steps I mentioned if you want it to be done the way it should be. Best of luck!


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